Distinct Advantages of Metal Residential Roofing in Weatherford TX

by | Jun 21, 2017 | Roofing

Metal Residential Roofing in Weatherford TX has distinct advantages over shingles or shakes. Homeowners often feel they have no choice but to buy a different kind of roof because metal costs more. However, it also lasts remarkably longer than the more common asphalt shingles. People who plan to stay in their home for many years to come know they won’t have to replace the roof again. If they do expect to move within a decade or so, a metal roof will still boost the resale value of the house and the chances for a quick sale.

Metal roofs generally only have to be replaced if a severe storm does considerable damage. In that case, the homeowner’s insurance will cover the bulk of the cost. Although it might seem that metal is more susceptible to damage from hail, shingles are just as vulnerable. In addition, metal is not at risk of catching on fire if it’s struck by lightning.

Metal Residential Roofing in Weatherford TX is also considered an environmentally friendly choice. They usually contain at least 25 percent recycled material, and some of the products contain much more than this. If storm damage ever requires replacing part of or the entire roof, all of the metal that was removed will be recycled. In contrast, asphalt shingles are increasingly recycled, but they often still wind up in landfills.

Some homeowners worry that metal on top of a house will be noisier during rainstorms than asphalt shingles are. This was a problem in older installations, and people may have noticed a higher noise level in commercial buildings with metal roofs. Today’s manufacturers and contractors prevent this problem in residential settings by adding more insulation under the roof. That has the extra advantage of being more energy efficient. Blocking more of the sun’s intense heat is desirable in a hot climate like that of the Weatherford area. Metal roofing, as installed by a contractor such as Texas Energy Savers, already has a benefit energy efficiency because it reflects solar heat. These two factors can significantly reduce air conditioning expenses. Browse our website to view photos and to learn more about this particular organization.

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