Choosing The Right Windows

When it comes to windows, the homeowner has two basic things in mind; minimize the ever increasing cost of heating and cooling and to add value to his or her home. The key to success lies in knowing which windows in Orland Park give you what you want at the best possible price.

You may need to consider window replacement if:

   * Your windows are fitted with single pane glass or the frames and sashes are made from material which is temperature conductive such as steel or aluminum

   * If your windows leak, have cracked panes of glass, are not in operable condition or the wood frames, sashes or sills are rotted

   * If you’re homes existing windows pose a safety hazard. If your home is multi story and the windows cannot open due to rot, warping or they are simply painted shut they should be replaced so they can serve as an emergency exit if necessary

There are three things to take into account when you are considering energy efficient windows in Orland Park:

   * The frame: Wood is not always the best choice for energy friendly windows. Vinyl is one of the least expensive options but do not equate “less expensive” with “cheap.” A well constructed vinyl window is friendly on the budget but as they are constructed well and use insulated glass they reduce air leakage.

   * The glass: Most people ask for and most contractors recommend double paned, low “E” glass with the void between the panes filled with an inert gas such as Argon. This combination gives far more insulation than any single pane windows in Orland Park, resulting in a significant improvement in energy costs.

   * The installation: The best windows will not perform well if they are not installed properly. Try to avoid the use of too much expanding foam to get the window to fit properly, this material is not waterproof and can result in future problems. Make sure the installer does a perfect job with the flashing and caulking, this will prevent any problems in the future.

When you are choosing new windows for your home you really do get what you pay for. Cost of course is important but it is even more important to choose the best product and the best installer.

If you are considering new or replacement windows in Orland Park you are invited to discuss your thinking with the professionals at Supreme Windows & Exteriors. We are also on facebook.

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