A Brief History of Aluminum and Vinyl for Residential Siding Replacement in Charles, MO

Vinyl siding has taken over aluminum as the most popular choice for exterior cladding of homes, but many homeowners still prefer the metal material for residential siding replacement in Charles MO. Aluminum has always been more expensive than vinyl for this purpose, but consumers may feel that metal is a sturdier component for siding than vinyl would be. They also appreciate the eco-friendly advantages of aluminum.

Both of these types of siding are relatively recent, with aluminum siding first appearing in the late 1930s and the vinyl version in the late 1950s. Aluminum siding likely would have become prevalent sooner, but World War II threw a wrench into the plans of manufacturers. The metal was diverted for military use, but the demand for increased production led to aluminum becoming significantly more available and less expensive after the war. Residential aluminum siding production began in earnest in the late 1940s. People of a certain age may remember colorful advertising in home and garden magazines in the late 1950s and throughout the 1960s, displaying photos and illustrations of homes with this siding option.

Many homeowners appreciate the environmentally friendly characteristics of aluminum siding. It is not an oil-based product, and it can be made from recycled material. The recycling aspect is especially appealing since it doesn’t require mining for new ore. After many decades have passed and a homeowner decides it’s time for siding replacement, the old material is removed and can be recycled again. That’s because aluminum doesn’t lose its fundamental characteristics no matter how many times it’s recycled.

Vinyl was originally a lower-quality, cheap alternative to aluminum, but manufacturers were dedicated to improving the product. By the 1970s, the material had been enhanced remarkably in appearance, durability, and function. Homeowners gradually began choosing vinyl Residential Siding Replacement in Charles MO over aluminum for its affordability and the ability of manufacturers to make vinyl look very much like wood. Nevertheless, aluminum remains a strong player in the home improvement marketplace. A company such as Affordable Exteriors can install siding of either vinyl or aluminum.

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