4 Questions You Need to Ask About Cleaning Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles look great, but they can be a handful — especially when it’s cleaning time. You can do a lot of things to help ensure your ceramic tiles last longer and need less upkeep, though. Read on for some helpful questions from website that are important to know the answer to:

1. What kind of ceramic tiles do you have?

Before anything else, make sure you find out if you’re working with glazed or unglazed tiles. Different cleaning agents are required for either one, as Sandifer’s Stone and Tile Care will attest. If you use the wrong one, you could end up with a terrible mess on your hands.

2. What’s a glazed tile?

A glazed tile comes is a tile that has been coated with a thin layer of liquid glass. It’s easy enough to spot, since glazed tiles often display a smooth finish along with a barrier that helps keep dirt and grime from getting into the pores and cracks. However, it’s important to remember that glaze doesn’t last forever. Over time it’ll start to thin out, so it’s important to have your tiles regularly glazed. This way, you can enjoy clean and shiny floors.

3. What is an unglazed tile?

An unglazed tile will lack a glossy surface. There’s an earthy feel to the tiles as well. They’re denser and thicker than glazed tiles so it’s a good idea to install unglazed tiles in places where it’s important to create as much slip-resistance as possible. This is why unglazed tiles are so popular in bathrooms and along pool edges.

4. What cleaning methods can I use?

Here’s how you can clean your ceramic tiles.

  • Vacuum and sweep your tiles. You should do this regularly to keep the dust and grime off your floors. This way, you can keep sand and other rough particles from dulling the shine on your tiles. Between sweeping and vacuuming though, there are less chances of sand or grime leaving scratches on your floor if you use a vacuum. If you have the option, try to use a vacuum to avoid scraping abrasive debris across your tile surface.

  • Mop. After you’ve swept the surface clean of debris, then you can mop the floor one to two times a week. You shouldn’t use any harsh cleaning agents. For unglazed tiles, hot water and a little dash of soapless detergent would do for a cleaning solution.

If you haven’t got the time or skill to do this, then just call for the services of a professional ceramic tile cleaner in Columbia SC from the get-go. With an expert ceramic tile cleaner, you’ll breathe easy knowing your floors are in good hands.

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