Bell Bottom Structural Foundation Repair in Hawaii

There are two basic types of structural foundation repair Hawaii homes often receive. First is the bell bottom method and next is the pressed pile method. Let’s look a little closer at the bell bottom method and explore the benefits and downsides with this system.

Bell Bottom Method

The most important part of the Bell Bottom Pier method is the initial soil test that determines at what depth the load bearing clay is located. The Geo technical Engineer will drill 2 – 3 test holes at different locations around the structure, and then analyze the borings for different strata’s of soil density. The engineer will then specify the depth, and the size of the shaft. The deeper the shaft, the wider it needs to be to remove the dirt. The bigger the shaft, and the larger the load to be supported, will determine the size of the bell bottom.

Bell bottom piers are dug out next to the house at a slight angle to insure they get underneath the foundation. This is accomplished by drilling out a special area first, to provide room for the drilling equipment. A special attachment forms a bell at the end of the pier, and the concrete is then poured. The piers are capped and then the house is lifted.

Benefits of Bell Bottoms

During the installation, this method places less stress on the house. Also, it prevents uplifting when the soil swells with moisture. Bell bottoms also allow for the entire pier to be viewed during installation for accurate results, and you receive an excellent support base.

Drawbacks of Bell Bottoms

It may take some time to perform these kinds of repairs. Your new piers are made on site, and this means the concrete needs time to dry and cure. This can take as long as three or four weeks in some cases. Bell Bottom Piers also cost significantly more because of the soil testing and the complexity of the job. The re-landscaping costs are also much higher.

Internal Bell Bottom Piers

If you need internally installed piers, this can be a more complicated issue. In fact, it may be necessary to drill from inside the house. However, when you have an experienced contractor, you receive the best solution for your particular situation, and indoor drilling is only done when absolutely necessary.

Things to Remember

The most important thing to remember is to choose the right contractor. Always go with a licensed, insured, and certified company. Dura Pier has many years of experience with structural foundation repair in Hawaii and will use the best repair method for your home and budget. You can depend on us to fix your foundation properly and permanently, guaranteed. Contact Structural Systems Inc. You can also visit them on Google My Business.

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