5 Metal Building Kit Hacks

Metal building kits are a popular choice in commercial, agricultural and industrial settings. The following are some ideas for customizing yours to improve both form and function.


A little color can work wonders for any building. Metal building kits often come with all of the needed structural, roofing and siding members. A lot of grey metal may work for some applications, but the look can certainly be dressed up. Choosing roof and wall panels of contrasting colors is a simple way to improve the overall appearance. Painting window frames and doors with a brighter tone can make for attractive accents.


Windows may be common in metal buildings, but have you considered the benefits of letting natural light pass through the ceiling? Many skylights are made to install flush with the roof. This makes for easier cleaning and safer maintenance. Calculate the energy savings to convince others of their viability. On sunny days, you might not even need to turn on a single switch. Besides, natural tones are more pleasant for human eyes.


Those who are new to this type of construction are often impressed at how easy it is to configure a HVAC or natural air flow system. Ridge vents are a great way to ensure that the roof area doesn’t overheat. They often come with advanced features such as bird screens and chain-operated dampers. Louvers are another way to let the building breathe. Calculations can reveal the needed size and configuration to maintain indoor air flow. Some louvers are adjustable, allowing them to be closed at night or changing the angle of vents during wind and rain.


If you think that metal building kits are nothing more than a shell, then think again. Insulation is vital in certain climates and for many applications. If you’re storing materials that a freeze could impact, protecting them is a must. Or if your structure is a shop of any kind, it’s important to maintain a comfortable environment for workers. Be sure to consider the various types of insulating materials, such as plastic bubble, foam and vinyl-sided fiberglass, and that any potential condensation issues are addressed.

Heavy-Duty Roll-Up Doors

In an environment where trucks load and unload and fork lifts operate, tall, wide doors are standard. Steel models are easy to maintain and are often available in a variety of sizes and colors. Electric motors and additional mounting options are also common on roll-up doors.

These are just a few ideas for how to get the most out of metal building kits. With a few additional touches, a plain structure can fit its environment well and be an attractive place for workers and clients to occupy.

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